Wednesday, February 4, 2009

evidently i need to stop being vague..

dear jessy..
this is what is happening in my life.
love dorri.

is that what my blogs should look like? haha

well today might have been the worst day ever. what is really funny is that it is all stuff which seems like it really doesn't matter..but it does. i screwed up in ways that really wouldn't be possible for the average calvary chapel student... only possible for me since i am the ASB freaking president. unfortunately due to my misfortunate lack of ability in remembering things and communicating with my ASB Advisor.. she got sent down and got yelled at by Jay 3 times because of me.. IN ONE DAY. which is ridiculous.

i think it all just bugged me because i felt like such a failure. and then on top of that the devil was totally being a conniving brat. because i was walking up the ramp talking to one of my friends, and then my other friend who was totally joking, just said "well, at least you're not a failure, like dorri" [good one satan, i needed that sock in the stomach]

ridiculous. but it will get better. soon i will sleep and it will be tomorrow and my mistakes will be behind me.

Good thing my daddy is the God of the universe huh.


  1. haha i totally didn't mean it like that i just ment that i didnt even know what you were raising money for because we dont talk that much!! i love you and the best part of blogs is that it doesnt have to be any specific way it is really just a way to vent :) love you