Monday, January 26, 2009

First Kiss...on your wedding day?

wouldn't that be a bit of sensory overload?
think about it.

just a random thought.
and your engagement pictures? probably not as cool as they potentially could be.

yes, i have been thinking about the dreaded but anticipated moment when comes the first boy who wants to stick his tongue down your throat... and for some odd reason, you think it's a good idea too. and i've come to the conclusion, that won't your first kiss be awkward and messy?
won't that kinda mess with you on your big day?
aren't you scared that you'll kiss him for the first time and it'll feel like you're kissing your brother..and then you'll be stuck with that your entire life?
i don't know.. just a thought.

this really isn't directed at anyone in particular i promise...


  1. HAHAHA! I love you Dorri! Why didn't you join in on my overly long status convo on Facebook?

    I love the Duggars!

    (and you make a great point, cause that kiss was so.... awkward!)

  2. yeah... and like the pastor said, when Jesus turned teh water into wine; it wasn't actually wine, it was grape juice. hahahha

  3. hahahahhahahahahhahahaha
    the Duggars.. that show is RIDICULOUS. period.