Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today I Must...

clean my room.
i truly believe there is something psychological about living in a cluttered room and feeling stressed. overwhelming piles everywhere.. of everything from dirty laundry to school books to gilmore girls seasons and spray paint.

It kinda reminds me of my life... a pile of ASB over here, a pile of friends over there, some NHS and some senior camp... it all needs to be organized, and yet honestly, it's not.

Yesterday I Realized...

my night was like a seinfield episode.. with ironic things happening every other second.

i'm a very thrifty person.. saving little bits of money every where i go..
[always order 'to go', there's less tax]

unstress, stress, unstress, stress.... like iambic pentameter, my life is an episode of ups and downs.

i can give up control.
it's not my problem anymore.

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