Wednesday, January 21, 2009

you said it...

so i recently had a comment that my blog posts were "confusing" and full of "weird stuff". and to that i say, "what, you don't think i myself am confusing and full of weird stuff?" shouldn't you expect that out of me? and fine, if you prefer, i will write about more applicable, or say, interesting things in life.
so i am going to write a top ten list of things that happened or that are applicable to my life as of today, january 21st, 2009.

10. Never be a TA for french. this morning i began prepping paper for 782 die cut circles [blegh]

9. Tulips don't need dirt to grow. [Kelly Loock has a classroom plant now, and i am it's keeper]

8. Cherish the minutes you spend in fire drills at school, you will forever remember the classtime you got to miss because of them.

7. To do a one legged squat, not only do you need balance, but also ample leg strength [which i lack]

6. Don't wear all pink and carry around a pink cupcake. You either feel like a malibu barbie, or like legally blonde.

5. Don't trust your brother to order something he thinks you will like from a fast food restaurant [you don't even want to know what i ate for dinner tonight]

4. Let your true friends waste your phone minutes, not your potential friends.

3. IHOP never ending pancakes are better at 3 am than at 6:45 am.

2. Living in a messy room makes me stressed out.

1. Always have friends who will criticize your blog. [Jessy Nelson]


  1. Jessy doesn't just criticize your blog, she criticizes everything, so number 1. isn't really all that in comparison to the rest of the things you wrote... My silly Dorri !

  2. i'm sorry i criticize everything! and it's not that i criticized your blog i just thought it was funny!!! i love you and i love that you listened to me!! :) oh and that you wrote this entire blog just because of me i feel so special!!!

  3. hahahah yes that is definately true Sera.
    and i love that you criticize everything, if you didn't, what standards would i live my life to? lol
    you should feel special jessy.