Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Go on... Take it."

I've always been a girl of initiative. A challenge, duel or competition has always been my sort of deal. My friends i strive to make closer, and i attempt to juggle way more things than seem possible just to see if i can do it. so what is it about the challenge that leads me on? is it that sudden rush of joy when i realize i'm getting closer to my goal? or is it the pursuit of all that i've been focused on for the recent past? I've come to realize, that quickly i get bored. Having won the prize, the once phenomenal trophy collects dust in the cabinet. However, in the most recent past, the tables have turned. no matter what my intuition tells me, everyone i know has encouraged me to step back and let somebody else lead the dance for a change. My significance in this dance? still very high level. My influence on when the dance will start, and how long it will last? non existent. As much as i would love to "go on..." and "take it" i know it is not my place to do so. So i will wait, and know that God has the best timing, and that his ways are higher than mine, and his plan is greater than mine.

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