Friday, January 16, 2009

my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

it all started when i forgot my squeegie when going to wash windows....

do i even know where to begin?
-disappointing myself [self-explanatory]
-running out of minutes... and not having any money to put minutes back on my phone
-forced into once more living life as an assistant director
-losing my voice the day before auditions
-told that i look like crap by someone who i absolutely adore in front of 30 other people i know
-have a waiter make fun of the fact i'm wearing cut off jeans with cowboy boots
-have a waiter ask me if i got dared to walk out of the house like this
-end up last to get my food, and then not liking it anyways...
-get yelled at by a random man to "Get out of my way!"
-not have a seat except for the very front row at a movie theater so i get a headache
-grabbing my purse at the end of the movie to find out its been sitting in something that smells like barf.

all today.
for real?

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