Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Simple Phone Call Would Suffice

today i have come to the conclusion, that no matter how good friends you are with both of the people in the couple or how much they want to include you, you will always be a third wheel. For example, for some reason, i have become very popular in the "we need a relationship therapist" department for some absurd reason recently, and so i was lucky enough to be present when one of my friends asked the other to be his girlfriend [aww, how sweet, etc, etc, etc.] However, as much as i covered it up, i simply did not enjoy myself. for some reason my joy for them finally putting a name to their relationship could not last me the several hours i was at their house. Will it last? i don't know. Do i want to be there for all the other significant parts of the relationship? no thank you, a simple phone call will suffice.

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